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Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 November 2015

RRI Trends. ResAgora Database of Selected Key Documents on National RRI Policies.

Given the plurality of meanings of and the diversity of experiences with RRI across Europe, which became obvious at a project meeting of national correspondents in Vienna in 2013, it was decided to start the monitoring with an open and exploratory approach. In this first monitoring phase, each national correspondent selected ten central documents from the last ten years that exemplify and characterize the national policies on RRI in their country. Such documents can include (but are not limited to) national research or innovation strategies, laws and their supporting documentation, communications / declarations / resolutions and other means of soft regulation, contracts between states and universities, white papers, etc. On this page you can search the MoRRI database for these documents.

You can filter and sort the documents by author, year, title and filename or filter the documents by the categories below.

  • What characterizes national policies towards RRI in the specific country?
  • What are the most prominent dimensions of RRI that materialize in these documents?
  • Which aspects of RRI are addressed?
  • What major mechanisms exist to support national goals in regards to RRI?
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