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RRI workshop for science & technology centers and museums

Uploaded by Marjoleine Georgette van der Meij on 11 August 2016
Last modified on 24 August 2016

Are you interested to start, within your science / technology center or museum (STCM), a conversation about Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)? Would you like to have some guidance in the form of a workshop format? In that case, this is the right tool for you! Namely, this tool provides a manual that guides you in organizing a workshop, within your STCM, about the potential role of the STCM in RRI as a forum for dialogue (or beyond). We provide a workshop-tool and a workshop outline. The workshop has been done at ECSITE 2016 in Graz, about which we wrote the following feedback paper.

The aims of the workshop that we offer you here can be multi-fold. The workshop can help you to get STCM employees (or beyond, in case you also invite stakeholders) introduced into RRI, or even promote RRI, or the idea of taking a role as forum for dialogue as STCMs*. Additionally, the workshop can also guide in a process of collaborative strategy development or roadmap creation for becoming a forum for dialogue, or taking another role related to the notions on RRI (see RRI tools website). In the latter cases, the workshop starts with the TransLearning canvas and the outline as presented here, but will need additional steps for road mapping**.

The kind of participants 'suitable' to invite to this workshop depends on the preferences of the organizers. In case it is desired to get the whole STCM ‘on board’ in taking a role as forum for dialogue, or more broadly in RRI, it is recommendable to invite a good cross section of the STCM organization. In case an inclusive strategy development session is needed, also external stakeholders and / or shareholders could be invited. In case a more preliminary exploration into RRI (strategy development) is aimed for, we advise to limit participation to strategic personnel of the STCM, such as the board of managers.  

In general, this workshop is designed to be led by one facilitator. However, in case the group is fairly large (more than 6 people), we recommend dividing into smaller groups of max 6 persons per table, and assigning a facilitator to each table. Role of the facilitator is ensuring that once the dialogue is going on, attention is paid to all participants, and hence all views (and the great variety in views that may exist upon the issue) are given space and consideration. Mutual respect and learning are therefore central values to the workshop.

Content of the workshop manual:

  • Materials list
  • Workshop outline: Introduction, Step 1 and Step 2
  • Appendix with TransLearning canvas.

Note from the developers

As developers of this format we aim to create a community of STCMs that are interested and active in RRI, so we would love to hear what your ideas and workshop outcomes are!

Please feel free to send feedback and/or your workshop notes to us via (Marjoleine van der Meij, VU University in Amsterdam) and (Giovanni Stijnen, NEMO, Amsterdam).

Thank you so much in advance!
Giovanni and Marjoleine


* Note that we choose her for 'being a forum for dialogue as main possible role for STCM in the context of RRI, however other roles might be there to take as well.

** To be developed.


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