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RRI Tools: project briefing sheet

Uploaded by Daniel García on 04 April 2016
Owned by RRI Tools . Last modified on 05 April 2016

RRI Tools (2016): Project briefing sheet. 4 pp.

The RRI Tools project is funded by the European Commission's Framework 7th programme. It has developed a working definition of Responsible Research and Innovation and generated a catalogue of practices that illustrate what that should look like in everyday life. It has explored the opportunities offered by RRI for a variety of stakeholders, as well as looking at the obstacles that may stand in the way of carrying it out. As a result it has identified actions and support that is needed, and produced a Toolkit that will assist anyone looking to bring responsibility into their research and innovation processes. RRI Tools is providing training and educational resources for others to develop their own training programmes. RRI Tools -its partners and its Community of Practice- acts as an advocate for responsibility and a source of information about what is happening in the field.


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