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RRI Tools. A practical guide to Responsible Research and Innovation. Key Lessons from RRI Tools.

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 December 2016
Last modified on 01 December 2016

The RRI Tools project

This quick guide explains what responsible research and innovation really means and why it is so important for modern society. It explores RRI through the lens of the RRI Tools project and provides practical examples of its implementation through a number of case studies (page 15) and an overview of the RRI Toolkit structure and main contents (page 33). A selection of ‘How To’ guidelines (page 37) explains how to apply RRI to specific situations, including policy, research and business contexts. Finally, this guide provides five recommendations (page 51) that can help to make all types of research and innovation more responsible.

This document explains how RRI Tools has laid the groundwork for more responsible, acceptable, and ethical science and technology development in Europe — in the pursuit of a better, more sustainable and more equitable world.

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