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Risk Bites | a YouTube channel to communicate and educate on the science of risk

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 11 June 2018

 Arizona State University - Risk Innovation Lab - director, Andrew Maynard

Risk Bites is a YouTube channel that combines innovative video making with risk expertise to bring risk insights and knowledge to a wide audience.

The videos combine a unique whiteboard style with short, carefully crafted scripts. They aim to make risk-related issues understandable to a wide audience, and cover topics ranging from health and environmental risks, to risk perception.

Risk Bites videos are designed to provide consumers, businesses, policy makers, non-government organizations and others with free, credible, and relevant online education and communication content.

They aim to engage and entertain viewers, while being informative. The project is actively engaged in increasing the reach and impact of the videos, through developing key partnerships, creating responsive content, and increasing web visability.

Risk Bites videos tackle complex topics in a highly engaging and informative way. They are simple enough for high schoolers to understand, and entertaining enough to hold the attention of anyone from kids to grandparents. They convey sophisticated perspectives on risk that draw on the latest research, while being highly watchable.

The videos are used in classrooms, as a training and education resource by organizations, and by news and media outlets.

Risk Bites covers everything from human health risks and risk perception, to the risks and benefits of emerging technologies from gene editing to artificial intelligence. 








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