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Review: Assessing excellence

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Zucco, F. (2014), Review: Assessing excellence, GENIS Lab Project.

Assessing excellence is one of the aspects to be reconsidered in view of the changes that have taken place in the world of science over the last decades. Today persons belonging to both genders have to be assessed using new parameters that consider female specificities and include them to achieve successful scientific endeavours. Innovating assessment also means encouraging the new generations to look favourably at science and technological disciplines and include them in their professional experiences. 

This document carries on from the previous one proposed in the framework of the Genislab project on stereotypes. It surfaced within the project and was based on a problem reported by almost all the scientific partners (Italy, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia, and Spain, with the exception of Sweden). Its aim is to provide fundamental information on factors determining the need to change how excellence is assessed, on the meaning of excellence, and on the implementation of more adequate and widely acceptable procedures.

The documents also provides some fundamental reference elements to attain assessment that not only advances the knowledge required for science today, but, in particular, stresses the importance of women’s knowledge as a necessary strength to achieve successful research and further knowledge. In reality, women have not been able to express their capacities and talents, especially at managerial level, because of exclusion policies and the stereotype prejudices.


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