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Responsible Innovation Diagnosis in ICT

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 November 2015
Owned by Gadbois Serge . Last modified on 30 December 2018

Responsible Innovation Diagnosis in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is a self-diagnosis tool that allows users to determine where their ICT/digital project stands in relation to sustainable development issues.

The objectives of this auto diagnosis are:

  • raising awareness and arousing curiosity about sustainable development and responsibility in ICT/digital projects
  • enabling project managers to self-identify the challenges of sustainable development and responsibility associated with their projects
  • enabling project managers to determine how well their ICT/digital projects address sustainable development issues.
National, International, Local, Regional, Global
English, French
Development, Implementation, Monitorization & Evaluation
This self-diagnosis tool is anonymous, individual and freely accessible online. Users answer 40 questions directly related to responsible innovation criteria, which results in a profile of their project. If interested, users can be emailed a link to compare their profile with others. An average trend, based on the total number of projects, will be displayed, so comparisons will evolve in quantity and quality.
Beginner, Practitioner

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