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Responsible Research and Innovation: A Path Towards Sustainability? | Keynote by Roger Strand

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 18 June 2018

Responsible Research and Innovation: A Path Towards Sustainability? | Opening keynote by Roger Strand at SETAC Rome. 13 May 2018 

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is a cross-cutting principle of EU’s research funding programme “Horizon 2020”. Indeed, in Rome 2014, scientists and policymakers jointly produced the “Rome Declaration on RRI in Europe”, that states that “excellence today is about more than ground-breaking discoveries – it includes openness, responsibility and the co-production of knowledge”. The principle of RRI acknowledges that civil society is entitled to “speak back” to science and help shape the knowledge and technology of tomorrow in an ethically acceptable and sustainable direction.

What does RRI entail in practice, for researchers, innovators and policy-makers? How could RRI principles, indicators and practices help to pick up more early warnings to avoid costly late lessons from unfortunate impacts of science and technology? The lecture will present the conceptual basis of EU’s RRI policy. Specifically, a full appreciation of RRI depends on a theoretical understanding not only of risk, but also of decision-making under uncertainty, ignorance and indeterminacy








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