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Researching Open Innovation in SMEs

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Researching Open Innovation in SMEs. Edited by : Wim VANHAVERBEKE, Federico FRATTINI, Nadine ROIJAKKERS & Muhammad USMAN. World Scientific. Apr 2018

The concept of open innovation (OI) has become a very popular topic during the last decade, with increasing number of SMEs embracing OI practices to gain competitive advantage. This edited volume is a timely opportunity to gather research on OI in SMEs, to investigate how OI is managed and implemented to determine the peculiarities compared to OI management in large companies, and to specify the consequences for future OI research.

The book offers insights into the following topics: The state of the art on open innovation in SMEs; adopting open innovation in SMEs; interorganizational networks and innovation ecosystems; sectoral patterns of open innovation in SMEs; and measuring, evaluating and stimulating open innovation in SMEs.



  • Introduction (Federico Frattini, Muhammad Usman, Nadine Roijakkers & Wim Vanhaverbeke)
  • State of the Art on Open Innovation in SMEs:
    • A Systematic Review of the Literature on Open Innovation in SMEs (Muhammad Usman, Nadine Roijakkers, Wim Vanhaverbeke and Federico Frattini)
    • The "Hidden Costs" of Open Innovation in SMEs: From Theory to Practice (Cristina Marullo, Alberto Di Minin, Chiara De Eleonora Marco and Andrea Piccaluga)
  • Adopting Open Innovation in SMEs:
    • An Open Innovation Model for SMEs (Barbara Bigliardi and Francesco Galati)
    • Adoption of Open Innovation by Small Firms to Develop Frugal Innovations for Inclusive Development (Mokter Hossain)
    • How Do Entrepreneurial Leaders Promote Open Innovation Adoption in Small Firms? (Joon Mo Ahn, Tim Minshall and Letizia Mortara)
    • How Do SMEs Use Open Innovation When Developing New Business Models? (Robert William Anderson, Nuran Acur and Jonathan Corney)
  • SMEs in Inter-Organizational Networks and Innovation Ecosystems:
    • Managing SMEs' Collaboration Across Organizational Boundaries Within a Regional Business Ecosystem (Agnieszka Radziwon and Marcel Bogers)
    • Open Innovation Within the Low-Technology SME Sector (Lawrence Dooley and David O'Sullivan)
  • Sectoral Patterns of Open Innovation in SMEs:
    • Open Innovation Practices of Clustered SMEs: The Intermediate Role of Cluster Governance (Anne Berthinier-Poncet, Simona Grama-Vigouroux and Sana Saidi)
    • Exploring Collaborative Practices Between SMEs and Designers in the Italian Furniture Industry (Claudio Dell'Era, Stefano Magistretti and Roberto Verganti)
    • The Link Between Entrepreneurial Attributes and SME Ecosystem Orchestration: A Case from the Dutch HR Services Industry (Oana-Maria Pop, Nadine Roijakkers, Diana Rus and Marjolein Hins)
    • Crowdfunding of SMEs and Startups: When Open Investing Follows Open Innovation (Giancarlo Giudici and Cristina Rossi Lamastra)
  • Measuring, Evaluating and Stimulating Open Innovation in SMEs:
    • Measuring Open Innovation in SMEs (Dylan Jones-Evans, Aineias Gkikas, Martin Rhisiart and Niall G MacKenzie)
    • The Open Innovation Project Canvas for SMEs (Marc Steen and Wim Vanhaverbeke)
    • Open Innovation and Public Policy in the EU with Implications for SMEs (Henry W Chesbrough and Wim Vanhaverbeke)

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