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Research to Publication eLearning programme for health researchers

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Dr Trish Groves, BMJ

Professor Deborah Grady, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

This is a comprehensive e-learning programme on developing skills in clinical and public health research and getting studies published quickly, transparently, and ethically. It’s aimed at early career researchers in health, and their institutions, worldwide.

Research to Publication covers—in six courses with 48 modules lasting more than 200 hours—everything from developing good research questions and the best and most ethical study designs (given local circumstances), through to reporting studies accurately and understanding what editors and peer reviewers are really looking for. Each module comprises a presentation of 30-60 minutes with video or narration that learners can run at their own pace, along with up to 3 hours of further reading and exercises. The format is ideal for blended learning or integration into a master’s programme.

To ensure that Research to Publication is sustainable, it’s available through affordable institutional and personal subscriptions (and there are also two free modules). Learners receive BMJ/UCSF certificates on successful completion of modules, and institutions can opt to provide local accreditation.


Research to Publication eLearning programme offers health researchers and students complete flexibility to study what’s most important to them and do so at their own pace. Depending on a learner's needs, he or she can choose just one course or all six; the programme can guide the learner through each stage of the process from designing a study to seeing it published.




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