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Research Leaders Impact Toolkit

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 25 August 2017

Leadership Foundation for Higher Education

The purpose of this Toolkit is to offer a suite of research-based tools that can be used by higher education institutions to:

  • Develop a formal research impact strategy
  • Devise strategies for leading, managing and practicing impact
  • Align impact work with engagement, knowledge exchange, outreach and quality improvement
  • Inform teaching and learning
  • Improve processes and infrastructure
  • Build capacity, skills and knowledge

The Toolkit focuses on three main areas. First, it helps research leaders to understand what they mean by impact and what kinds of impact are important for them, given their goals. Second, it helps institutions to develop their research impact. Third, it guides users through best practice means to evaluate and evidence the impact of their research.

The user-led navigation allows users to, focus on the areas that are most important for them. There are 45 tools in total, each of which addresses a different area; some concern high level strategic thinking and others more concrete areas of action. 


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