RECODE. Policy ReCommendations for Open Access to Research Data in Europe

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From 01/02/2013 to 30/06/2015

The project will leverage existing networks, communities and projects to address challenges within the open access and data dissemination and preservation sector and produce policy recommendations for open access to research data based on existing good practice.

The open access to research data sector includes several different networks, initiatives, projects and communities that are fragmented by discipline, geography, stakeholder category (publishers, academics, repositories, etc.) as well as other boundaries. Many of these organisations are already addressing key barriers to open access to research data, such as stakeholder fragmentation, technical and infrastructural issues, ethical and legal issues, and state and institutional policy fragmentation.

However, these organisations are often working in isolation or with limited contact with one another. RECODE will provide a space for European stakeholders interested in open access to research data to work together to provide common solutions for these issues. It will provide over-arching recommendations for a policy framework to support open access to European research data.

The RECODE case studies that cover different fields (Physics, Health, Bioengineering, Earth sciences, Archaeology) and focus on different hot topics in OA:

  • Storage and processing Big Data
  • Ethics and data Security in OA
  • Sharing complex data and models. Issues of repeatability
  • Interoperability in OA
  • Deposition, accessibility and preservation of data in OA

The RECODE policy recommendations for open access to research data: targeted at different stakeholders and policy-makers 

  • Trilateral Research & Consulting, United Kingdom (project coordinator) 
  • The e-Humanities group, The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Netherlands
  • The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • LIBER Foundation – Association of European Research Libraries, Netherlands 
  • ΕΚΤ - National Documentation Centre, Greece 
  • Earth and Space Science Informatics Laboratory, Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research, National Research Council of Italy, Rome, Italy
  • Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Amsterdam University Press, Netherlands
Kush Wadhwa (coordinator)
[email protected]
Trilateral Research & Consulting
London, England
Total cost: EUR 1.156.736
EU contribution: EUR 949.488
Project reference: 321463
Funded under: FP7-SIS

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