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Prospects for TA in a framework of Responsible Research and Innovation

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von Schomberg, R. (2012), Prospects for TA in a framework of Responsible Research and Innovation.  M. Dusseldorp and R. Beecroft (eds.). Technikfolgen abschätzen lehren: Bildungspotenziale transdisziplinärer Methoden,Wiesbaden: Vs Verlag, 39-61.
In this influential article, René von Schomberg, an officer of the European Commission, Directorate for Research, sets the stage for RRI in EU policy. It summarizes the previous attempts and sketches the future design to do RRI. The author lists specific objectives and methods: ethically acceptable, sustainable and socially desirable innovation by using technology assessment methodologies, application of the precautionary principle, moving from risk to innovation governance, organizing collective co-responsibility by using Codes of Conduct, ensuring market accountability (including standardization, certification and accreditation), applying values and principles in the design process, deliberative mechanisms for policy feedback and ongoing public debate.
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