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Preparing for our future: Developing a common strategy for key enabling technologies in the EU

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Commission of the European Communities (2009) Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions: Preparing for our future: developing a common strategy for key enabling technologies in the EU.
Currently the EU has very good research and development capacities in some key enabling technology areas; however it is not as successful in commercialising research results through manufactured goods and services. Improving this situation requires a more strategic approach to research, innovation and capitalisation. Moreover, until now, there has been no shared understanding within the EU on exactly what should be considered to be a KET. The EU already presented a more strategic approach in some areas such as in life sciences and biotechnology, nanosciences and nanotechnologies or energy technologies. But there is no coherent strategy on a European level on how these technologies can be better brought to industrial deployment. This Communication therefore tries to launch a process of identifying the KETs that strengthen the EU’s industrial and innovation capacity to address the societal challenges ahead and it proposes a set of measures to improve the related framework conditions. As such, it forms part of the development of EU industrial policy and of the preparation for the new European plan for innovation.

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