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Pratavaccin (Talk vaccines) - web portal to help counter myths against Covid vaccination

Uploaded by Helen Garrison on 12 November 2021
Last modified on 12 November 2021 (Talk vaccines) has been developed by the Swedish non-profit organisation Vetenskap & Allmänhet, VA (Public & Science) that works to promote dialogue and openness between researchers and the public.

By facilitating conversations and promoting constructive dialogue, VA is seeking to improve knowledge and counter misinformation about the vaccines. To ensure that the content is relevant and accurate, VA has consulted a number of organisations and public authorities during the process, including the Swedish Public Health Agency, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and the Swedish Adult Education Association. is a web portal to help ordinary people address myths and misconceptions about the Covid-19 vaccines, using evidence-based advice and support.

It is currently available in Swedish, English, Arabic and Somali.

Engaging in vaccine discussions with someone who has a different opinion to your own can be difficult, especially if their opinion is based on a myth or conspiracy theory. On the website, you can find a number of common vaccine myths along with a simple and scientifically based guide on how to counter them in conversation. 

The guide is based on research into how to best counter conspiracy theories and provides concrete tips on how to have a constructive conversation with someone who is hesitating or doesn’t want to get vaccinated.

English, Arabic, Swedish

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