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PRAGES Guidelines

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 05 February 2016
Last modified on 05 October 2016

The PRAGES Guidelines aim at promoting gender equality in science and technology (S&T) in specific institutional settings (universities, institutes, faculties and departments, networks associations and S&T-related enterprises).

The PRAGES project consists of three main strategies:

  1. making S&T, and particularly research institutions, an enabling environment for women's progression and working life,
  2. including the gender dimension in the process of designing research and innovation and
  3. promoting women in scientific leadership positions.
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The guidelines are divided into the three strategies, with objectives for each: 

Strategy 1: A friendly environment for women
Objectives: promoting change in the culture and traditional behaviours of S&T-related work environments; supporting work-life balance for all; providing early-stage career-development

Strategy 2: Gender-aware science
Objectives: overcoming stereotypes of women and science; influencing scientific content and methods

Strategy 3: Women’s leadership in science
Objectives: supporting women's leadership in research practice and research management; supporting women's role in science communication; increasing women's presence and weight in managing innovation processes and in the related science–society relationships


In addition, six charts summarise the three strategies and their objectives, the 31 tools for action that contribute to programme success, the action patterns that focus on enhancing programme quality and the methodological suggestions provided in the guidelines. Organisational requirements and time frames depend on context and participant numbers.

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