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Practical Guide to Sustainable Research Data

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 10 June 2021

This Practical Guide provides guidance to ensure the long-term preservation and accessibility of research data.

It offers complementary maturity matrices for funders, performers, and data infrastructures to create a common understanding of the approaches needed by the different stakeholders involved. It will support the alignment of policies and requirements for sustainable research data. 

The matrices will allow organisations to evaluate their current status and optimise their progress towards sustainable data sharing, according to their strategic priorities. It will also provide indications on the necessary next steps for interested organisations and foster dialogue with like-minded organisations. 

The guide and the matrices are available in two forms: an interactive online version and in form of a booklet (pdf) you can download 

Table of contents (booklet)

  • Foreword 
  • Introduction
  • How to use the maturity matrices? 
  • Research Funding Organisations (RFOs): Maturity matrix for sustainable research data
  • Research Performing Organisations (RPOs): Maturity matrix for sustainable research data
  • Research Data Infrastructures (RDI): Maturity matrices for sustainable research data
  • References

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