PERARES. Public Engagement with Research And Research Engagement with Society

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From 26/04/2010 to 26/10/2014
The project aimed to strengthen public engagement in research by involving researchers and Civil Society Organisations in the formulation of research agendas and the research process. It used various debates (or dialogues) on Science to actively articulate research request of civil society. These are forwarded to research institutes and results are used in the next phase of the debate. Thus, these debates move ‘upstream’ into agenda settings. For this, partner’s link existing debate formats – such as science café’s, science festivals, online-forums – with the Science Shop network - already linking civil society and research institutes.

The PERARES online Toolbox ( offers:
- FAQs. The Frequently Asked Questions and the indicative answers are clustered along thematic lines
- Training programmes. The database brings together relevant documentation on Science Shop procedures, processes and guidelines
- Scenario Workshop Toolkit (a handbook) which has been specifically developed to give insights into a workshop method, which supports and facilitates active participation of people from across society and across different interest groups
- Tools from the PERARES project:
o Handbook of Models of Community Engagement Strategies in Higher Education Institutions: Policy and Curriculum Development
o Sustainability of Science Shops – Practical Guide to Developing Policy and Strategy
o Guide to organizing scenario workshops to develop partnerships between researchers and civil society organisations 

The PERARES Transnational Online Debate website (whose results can be found at is a platform that allows civil society organisations, researchers and members of the public to discuss research needs on different topics with the aim of creating new research projects 

  • Science Shop, University of Groningen, Netherlands (Coordinator)
  • Wageningen University, Netherlands
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
  • Science Shop Bonn, Germany
  • Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom
  • The Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • University College Cork, Ireland
  • Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
  • University Rovira i Virgili, Spain
  • Fondation Sciences Citoyennes, France
  • Université de Lyon, France
  • Swedish Research Council, Sweden
  • Research Committee of the Technical University of Crete, Greece
  • University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania
  • Environmental Social Science Research Group, Institute of Environmental and Landscape Management, Szent István University, Hungary.
  • University of Stavanger,  Norway
  • Association pour le Développement d'une Recherche Citoyenne Active (ADReCA), France
  • Università degli Studi di Sassari, Italy
  • University of South Wales, United Kingdom
  • European University Cyprus, Cyprus
  • Institute of Baltic Studies, Estonia
  • Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • Science Shop Zittau, Germany
  • The Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership, Israel
  • Alterra Wageningen UR, Netherlands
  • Newcastle University, United Kingdom
  • Aalborg University,  Denmark
Dr. Henk Mulder (Coordinator)  
Science Shop
University of Groningen
The Netherlands
Total cost: EUR 3.085.511
EU contribution: EUR 2.728.041
Funded under: FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY-2009-1 
Project reference: 244264 

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