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Passport for Open Science | A Practical Guide for PhD Students

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 18 January 2021

  • Direction of publication: Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  • Editorial coordination: University of Lille
  • Scientific council: The Skills and Training College of The Committee for Open Science
  • Project leader: Jennifer Morival
  • Writers: Johann Berti, Marin Dacos, Gabriel Gallezot, Madeleine Géroudet, Sabrina Granger, Joanna Janik, Claire Josserand, Jean-François Lutz, Christine Okret-Manville, Sébastien Perrin, Noël Thiboud

The Passport For Open Science is a guide designed to accompany PhD students at every step of their research career, whatever their disciplinary field. It provides a set of tools and good practices that can be directly implemented.



1. Planning an open approach to scientific work

  • Using freely accessible resources
  • Planning data management
  • Working in a reproducible way: For yourself, for others

2. Disseminating research

  • Disseminating your publications in open access
  • Making your thesis freely accessible
  • Making research data open

3. Preparing for after your thesis, join the movement

  • Deeply rooted public policies
  • Evaluating research differently

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The guide is also available in French

English, French

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