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Overview of the Maker Movement in the European Union

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 30 January 2018

Overview of the Maker Movement in the European Union. 2017. JRC Technical Reports. European Union.

Over the last decade, we witnessed an unprecedented booming of communities engaged in do-it-yourself (DIY) activities worldwide. FabLabs, Hackerspaces and Makerspaces can be seen as the physical representations of the maker movement. These unique spaces seek to provide communities, businesses and entrepreneurs the infrastructures and manufacturing equipment indispensable to turn their ideas and concepts into reality.

The objective of this study is to assess and quantify the range of the maker movement across Europe, investigating the distribution and activity of FabLabs, Hackerspaces and Makerspaces as the physical spaces where the phenomenon takes place.

Also, we explore tools and techniques employed within the spaces as well as community strategies with an aim to uncover the socio-technical and socio-economic impact of the initiatives.


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