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The OpenUP project

What, Who & How

  •  OpenUP Hub is an open, dynamic and collaborative knowledge environment that systematically captures, organizes and categorizes research outcomes, best practices, tools, and guidelines relevant to review-dissemination-assessment phases of the research lifecycle through the prism of Open Science.
  • OpenUP Hub addresses all key stakeholders engaged in the research lifecycle: researchers, young scholars, educators, publishers, R&I project members, policy makers & funders, IT providers and citizens.
  • OpenUP Hub is an integrated solution that supports the community needs by offering the right tools for the relevant stakeholders to open up science. It provides a Toolbox of tailored-made solutions and trainings, anObservatory that senses the community pulse, a Blog and a Q&A forum to promote the two-way communication and a Calendar to share major events of the field.


The OpenUP Hub provides an inventory of selected tools addressing your needs & questions about alternative peer review, alternative metrics (Altmetrics) and innovative dissemination methods.

Here you will find innovative methods, checklists & factsheets,training material, informative & coaching videos, interesting papers, important reports & surveys, significant initiatives and anoverall scan of the field.

Community - Read, write & connect!

  • Blog: On OpenUP Hub blog we upload collect & promote interesting articles & point of views on Open Science. Join us and let the world know about your work & thoughts!
  • Calendar: Here you can find conferences events workshops that are relevant to open peer review, innovative dissemination, alternative impact assessment & Open Science world.
  • Observatory: The Observatory is the place to sense the community pulse. Check out what is being discussed on the social media about peer review, altmetrics, communication of science, the role of women in science and responsible research & innovation.
  • Members: Meet, connect & exchange with other community members also interested and active in Open Science.
  • Q&A: Any questions on Open Science? Share them with the members of the Open Science Q&A forum and get your answers. Or, provide answers to people who ask. 

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