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Open Science: the Very Idea

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Open Science: the Very Idea. Frank Miedema. 2022. Springer.

This open access book provides a broad context for the understanding of current problems of science and of the different movements aiming to improve the societal impact of science and research. 

The author offers insights with regard to ideas, old and new, about science, and their historical origins in philosophy and sociology of science, which is of interest to a broad readership. The book shows that scientifically grounded knowledge is required and helpful in understanding intellectual and political positions in various discussions on the grand challenges of our time and how science makes impact on society. The book reveals why interventions that look good or even obvious, are often met with resistance and are hard to realize in practice. 

Based on a thorough analysis, as well as personal experiences in aids research, university administration and as a science observer, the author provides - while being totally open regarding science's limitations- a realistic narrative about how research is conducted, and how reliable ‘objective’ knowledge is produced. His idea of science, which draws heavily on American pragmatism, fits in with the global Open Science movement. It is argued that Open Science is a truly and historically unique movement in that it translates the analysis of the problems of science into major institutional actions of system change in order to improve academic culture and the impact of science, engaging all actors in the field of science and academia.


  • Describes recent developments in science from a historical, sociological, philosophical perspective and a personal view
  • Provides a realistic narrative from personal experiences in science and the challenges of producing reliable knowledge
  • For researchers, stakeholders and anyone interested in the history, philosophy and the current practice of science


Table of contents (8 chapters)

  1. Science and Society an Overview of the Problem
  2. Images of Science: A Reality Check
  3. Science in Transition How Science Goes Wrong and What to Do About It
  4. Science for, in and with Society: Pragmatism by Default
  5. Science in Social Contexts
  6. Science in Transition Reduced to Practice
  7. Transition to Open Science
  8. Epilogue: Open Science in an Open Society



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