NANO2ALL - Nanotechnology Mutual Learning Action Plan for Transparent and Responsible Understanding of Science and Technology

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From 01/10/2015 to 28/02/2019

Nanotechnology is science and engineering that involves the study and application of extremely small things (measured in nanometers). Nanotechnologies are widely used in every day products and will surely play a big role also in our future. The use of nanotechnologies, however, has raised concerns on potential health risks, environmental hazards and wider social and ethical issues regarding their possible unforeseen long-term consequences.

NANO2ALL will work together with different societal groups to discuss important issues which arise from the use of nanotechnologies. This will help design an innovation agenda with innovation trajectories that are most likely to result in nanotechnology applications that are socially acceptable. In addition, it will also help define actions that are required to enhance societal engagement in nanotechnologies.

NANO2ALL will collect and share knowledge, tools and best practices of RRI to facilitate and motivate a wider use of RRI in nanotechnologies.

The project has developed an online platform with the following main features:

  • Polls – via online polls appearing on the front page of this platform, one can share knowledge and views related to subjects relevant for NANO2ALL. The results of each poll will be available in the News & Events section. Send your feedback to this month´s poll.
  • Best practices – under this section one can source and share good responsible research and development practices, especially in public engagement in nanotechnologies across Europe.
  • News & Events – in this section one can read about the news of NANO2ALL, as well as learn about its past and upcoming events.
  • E-resources – under this section one can find NANO2ALL outputs and findings, as well as other relevant publications and materials regarding nanotechnologies, RRI and other.
  • Forum – via this platform one can share, read and comment on opinions regarding issues related to responsible nanotechnologies.
Nano2All is coordinated by Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (SPI), and consortium is composed of 12 partners, SPI (Portugal); VILABS (Greece); MALSCH (The Netherlands); APRE (Italy); ECSITE (Belgium); NANOfutures (Belgium); EUSJA (France); EMRS (France);   VU/VUmc  (The Netherlands); SYSTASI (Greece); UNINOVA (Portugal) and JRC (Belgium).
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  • Total cost:EUR 999 856
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Project reference: 685931

Funded under: H2020-NMP-CSA-2015

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