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MUVigator - The how to Guide to use MUV and build happier cities and better communities.

Uploaded by Emilia Pardi on 17 November 2020
Last modified on 18 November 2020

The MUVigator collects tools and experiences tested in the framework of the H2020 project MUV - Mobility Urban Values

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 R&I Programme under Grant Agreements N 723521

The tool was designed, coordinated and developed by PUSH, coordinator of the MUV project consortium.

The MUVigator is a multilanguage "How-to" Guide to use MUV and build happier cities and better communities

It was created in order to collect, exploit and scale up all the resources created and tested during the piloting phase of the MUV - Mobility Urban Values project - which occurred between 2017 and 2020, involving 28 partners and 25 cities (6 pilot + 19 associate).

The tool's scope is to guide different stakeholders (organizations, policy makers, urban activists) through a journey made of several physical and digital experiences, aiming to engage an urban community in a participatory process in the field of Sustainable Urban Mobility. 

Following the 6 chapters, it is possible to experiment the MUV co-creation process, from data crowdsourcing to policies recommendations, looking at a series of examples, case studies, tips and documents.


The MUVigator tells the MUV journey with a narrative approach. The structure follows 6 chapters:

  1. Chapter 1 - Your first MUV challenge - Start with mobility issues and get everybody involved
  2. Chapter 2 - Co-design MUV phygital tools - Co-design digital and physical touchpoints to gamify the challenge and empower your community.
  3. Chapter 3 - Ready... Steady... MUV! - Don't think twice and start play with your community!
  4. Chapter 4 - From MUV data, through co-design, to policies - With big data comes big responsibility
  5. Chapter 5 - Raise the voice and MUV forward - Open up the discussion on the new solutions by involving citizens, media and decision makers.
  6. Chapter 6 - Measure MUV (and iterate!) - You'll be always judged by numbers; so, don't be afraid and face them!

The MUVigator is available in English, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Finnish and Datch.

Spanish, English, Dutch, Italian, Catalan, Finnish

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