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The Mobilization of Scientists for Public Engagement

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Bauer, M.W., and Jensen, P. (2011), The Mobilization of Scientists for Public Engagement, Public Understanding of Science 20, 3-11.
This analysis looks at public engagement activities (PE) from the angle of the mobilization of scientists. It focuses on the following main questions: to what extent are scientists involved in PE activities? What proportion of scientists are being mobilized in this manner? And the depth in which the scientists are involved in the PE activity, (e.g. identifying the proportion of scientists involved in PE activities). The present analysis particularly focuses on five papers that ask these and other questions in very different and international contexts for EU research institutions and a global survey of scientists in different fields and countries. All papers investigate the intensity and type of scientists’ PE activities. The analysis presents nine hypotheses that are under investigation in the aim of opening the field for further research on the mobilization of scientists for public engagement.

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