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Mind the gap ! Multi-stakeholder dialogue for prioritysetting in health research.

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The King Baudouin Foundation is an independent, pluralistic foundation working at the local, regional, federal, European and international levels. Because our mission is to change society for the better we invest in inspiring projects and individuals. In 2015, the King Baudouin Foundation and the Funds it administers provided €34.8 million in support to 264 individuals and 1,813 organizations. Projects were funded in the areas of poverty, health, development, civic engagement and heritage, among others.
The Foundation also organizes seminars, round table discussions and exhibitions. The King Baudouin Foundation shares experience and research results through free publications. We work in partnership with civil society organizations and encourage philanthropy – working 'through' rather than 'for' the King Baudouin Foundation. 

We benefit from the free services of 2,155 experts in our steering groups, advisory committees, management committees and independent juries. Their generous efforts ensure that the right choices are made on an independent, pluralistic basis.
The Foundation was set up in 1976 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of King Baudouin's reign.

This inspiration guide sets out different methods that can contribute towards the success of a multi-stakeholder dialogue for priority setting in health research.

A process of participatory and deliberated research priority setting involving all stakeholders can assist researchers and policymakers in effectively targeting research that has the greatest potential benefit to patients, the public and society.

Who are the obvious and also the less obvious stakeholders? What are the benefits and what pitfalls need to be avoided?  And what are the key success factors for a dialogue in terms of prioritizing the various research themes? 

This guide gives an answer to these questions and describes ingredients for a successful research agenda prioritization through a multistakeholder dialogue. It is based on a workshop organized in November 2015 by the King Baudouin Foundation with researchers, patients, patient organizations, care providers, pharmaceutical companies and research funding bodies. Experts from UK, France and the Netherlands came to share their experiences of dialogue with the various stakeholders on the research agenda.


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