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Metrics and indicators of Responsible Research and Innovation

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Ravn, T., M.W. Nielsen, and N. Mejlgaard (2015). Metrics and Indicators of Responsible Research and Innovation Progress Report D3.2 - Monitoring the Evolution and Benefits of Responsible Research and Innovation (MoRRI). 92 pp.
This is the second of two reports within Task 3 of the MoRRI project, which aims to construct, identify, and specify relevant metrics and indicators to be used in the subsequent RRI monitoring. Based on a previous MoRRI report (D.3.1) that synthesises and assesses existing indicators and data on RRI, this report (D.3.2) pins down the final, core set of 36 RRI indicators, provides detailed descriptions of each indicator, and specifies the primary and secondary data guiding the data-collection in Task 4.
The first part describes and discusses the methodological approaches and classificatory schemes applied in the selection of the final indicators. The second part specifies the rationales for selecting the final set of indicators for each RRI dimension, including considerations on EU 28 coverage and quality and feasibility criteria and concerns, as well the characteristics of each indicator. Finally, the third part ocompiles and specifies the empirical programme for harvesting the primary and secondary data across the 6 RRI dimensions.
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