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Methodological Toolbox for Collaborative Research

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 November 2015

The Methodological Toolbox is a kit of useful tools, tips and hints to help researchers design a truly collaborative research project. Through specific examples and critical evaluation, it demonstrates the role and value of stakeholder-driven science within the context of fisheries governance.

GAP2 aims to promote and enable processes for open and effective participation of stakeholders in research and management. Their toolbox guides stakeholders, scientists and policymakers through a range of tools and methods for participatory research. The methods described are based upon 13 research case studies in which scientists, fishermen and policymakers worked together on problems of shared interest.

Online, PDF
National, International, Local, Regional
Inclusion, Responsiveness, Anticipation
Development, Exploration, Implementation

The toolbox can be used online or downloaded as a PDF. It provides useful, good overviews of 9 participatory methods for fisheries research. Each method has clear explanations of how it works and what it requires, as well as warnings, reviews, references, resources, and examples from GAP2 and beyond.

Implementation needs vary widely depending on the method, and the toolkit does not provide enough practical guidance for implementing the methods. In addition, adapting the methods to other research contexts may not be easy.

Beginner, Practitioner

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