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Mapping the IoT Toolkit | offers support during the design of smart products & aims is to promote critical reflection

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 21 June 2019
Last modified on 21 June 2019

The MappingTheIoT Toolkit is a project born at Politecnico di Milano, School of Design. It started as a Master Degree Thesis Research in Product Design for Innovation and then evolved in an handy downloadable tool.

“Mapping the IoT” is an open source Toolkit that offers support during the design of smart products (IoT products, but also unconnected electronics). Its aim is to promote critical reflection: it is a tool that asks questions, to design for what really matters, to design smarter products.

It that can be used alone or within multidisciplinary teams especially during a project’s problem-framing phase, idea generation, concept development and evaluation. It doesn’t need a facilitator and can be used both in an unstructured or structured way, by following different
exercises specified on the “Activity guides”, or simply as inspiration.

The main benefit is that the Toolkit can be used to strenghten and develop your existing smart-product ideas. This makes the Toolkit suitable for designers, startups, makers, and whoever wants to design something “smart”. The tool offers methodological support, promotes
discussion and, by exploring different perspectives, aims to identify relevant aspects, issues and new opportunities.

Discover the Toolkit elements and get ready to design.

1. Activity guides

Are instructional elements that will assist you in using the Toolkit and reaching your goal. The four supported activities are:

  • “I want to start a new project”
  • “I want to analyze smart products”
  • “I want to brainstorm ideas”
  • “I want to make my idea better”

2. The deck

The deck will support you during diferent activities. The two-sided cards provide questions, and different perspectives. The horizontal side provides a topic, the vertical side deepens it. It is divided in 7 sections: 

  • Strategy
  • User & Context,
  • Design,
  • Interaction
  • Technology
  • Experience
  • Meaning.

3. Analysis cards & feature map.

Follow the “I want to analyze smart products” guide and get ready for a structured activity 
that will let you analyze, identify and compare features of different case studies. The Analysis
cards may also be used for analyzing your own smart-product idea highlighting a personalized
selection of Deck cards

How to use it

  1. Download & print the Toolkit - The title of each file specifies the print format and details (e.g. A4_double sided_mirrored)
  2. Choose a specific activity - Pick an Activity Guide and follow the instructions. Different activities may require additional elements, like canvases, to be filled
  3. Use the cards alone or with your team - ...As an inspiration, as library of knowledge, for exploring dierent perspectives, to identify possible issues and opportunities









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