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Responsible Innovation. Managing the Responsible Emergence of Science and Innovation in Society

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Owen, R., et al. (2013), Responsible Innovation. Managing the Responsible Emergence of Science and Innovation in Society. Chichester: Wiley

Science and innovation have the power to transform our lives and the world we live in - for better or worse – in ways that often transcend borders and generations: from the innovation of complex financial products that played such an important role in the recent financial crisis to current proposals to intentionally engineer our Earth’s climate. The promise of science and innovation brings with it ethical dilemmas and impacts which are often uncertain and unpredictable: it is often only once these have emerged that we feel able to control them. How do we undertake science and innovation responsibly under such conditions, towards not only socially acceptable, but socially desirable goals and in a way that is democratic, equitable and sustainable? Responsible innovation challenges us all to think about our responsibilities for the future, as scientists, innovators and citizens, and to act upon these.

This book begins with a description of the current landscape of innovation and in subsequent chapters offers perspectives on the emerging concept of responsible innovation and its historical foundations, including key elements of a responsible innovation approach and examples of practical implementation.  

Written in a constructive and accessible way, Responsible Innovation includes chapters on:
innovation and its management in the 21st century; a vision and framework for responsible innovation; concepts of future-oriented responsibility as an underpinning philosophy; values – sensitive design; key themes of anticipation, reflection, deliberation and responsiveness.

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