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Making a difference to research strategies

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PERARES (2014), Making a difference to research strategies, Living Knowledge Policy Brief 1.
The European Commission funded PERARES project (Public Engagement with Research and Research Engagement with Society) aims to establish a deeper and more systematic engagement of research bodies – such as universities, research councils, Science Shops and others – with civil society groups in setting research agendas, and to advance this by transnational exchanges of experience and mutual learning. One element of this work has been to better understand the experiences and attitudes of research funders across Europe towards public engagement with research with and for civil society and its organisations. The present results should enable research funders throughout Europe to better assess the options to take PER (Public Engagement in Research) activities up in their strategy and thus co n tribute to European policy and the future of the European Research Area (ERA). It does this by giving an overview of experiences and attitudes of research funding organisations in different countries towards research with and for civil society and its organisations. This type of research engagement can make civil society a partner in identifying and responding to the "Grand Challenges” of our time to which European research should respond according to the Lund declaration. The Ljubljana process, which aims to make European research more effective, calls for an improved governance of the ERA, involving universities, research organisations, and civil society. More equitable access to science and technology, and more response from civil society to science and technology are necessary to achieve the ideal of a knowledge society capable of sustainable economic growth and greater social cohesion. 

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