Making Sense - Advances and experiments in participatory sensing

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From 01/11/2015 to 31/10/2017

A NEW APPROACH TO CITIZEN SCIENCE - Co-creating technology for change with concerned communities

Making Sense will show how open source software, open source hardware, digital maker practices and open design can be effectively used by local communities to fabricate their own sensing tools, make sense of their environments and address pressing environmental problems in air, water, soil and sound pollution.

The project will develop a Making Sense Toolkit based on the Smart Citizen platform for bottom up citizen science, developed at Fab Lab Barcelona. The toolkit will be tested in pilots in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Prishtina, aimed at deepening our understanding on the processes enabling collective awareness. Based on the pilots, we will develop a conceptual and methodological framework for participatory environmental maker practices. It will show how to provide citizens and communities with appropriate tools to enhance their everyday environmental awareness, to enable active intervention in their surroundings, and to change their individual and collective practices. And finally we will develop will develop a scientifically informed framework for citizen co-inquiry and action towards hands-on transformation of their surroundings.


  • WAAG SOCIETY - Institut for Art, Science and Technology - The Netherlands (coordinator)
  • IACC - Institut of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya - Spain
  • PEN - Peer Educator Network
  • JRC  - Joint Research Center - EC
  • FabLab Network
Total cost: EUR 1 547 774,50
EU contribution: EUR 1 547 774,50

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