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From 01/10/2020 to 30/09/2023

How do you open up schools and make them agents of community well-being? The EU-funded Make it Open project aims to promote science education in schools by bringing together experts in maker education with enterprises and civil society organisations. The project will create open schooling hubs in 10 European countries, where young people from more than 150 schools work on solving community challenges. Thanks to Make it Open, schools, teachers, educators and students of all ages will generate synergies in the areas of science, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation

Make it Open brings the inquiry-based approaches of science education to meet the expansive philosophy and creative classroom approaches of the maker movement in an accessible and actionable framework.

Make it Open will support schools, teachers, educators and students of all ages to make synergies between science, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. It will offer tools for collaboration between formal, non-formal and informal educational providers, enterprise and civil society, and support schools in becoming agents of community well-being where families are encouraged to become real partners in the learning process. Importantly it will work closely with teachers and school administrators to set their own vision for open schooling, and tailor a model which will work with their context, needs and opportunities, maximising the potential for successful uptake.

The Make it Open team brings together pioneers in maker education with three networks of educators covering both formal and non(in)formal science education. The project will create open schooling hubs in 10 European countries where more than 150 schools will each collaborate with enterprises and civil society organisations in order to run activities where children solve challenges in and with the community using tools and approaches from maker education.

  • Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem
  • Waag Society
  • Copernicus Science Center
  • Fixperts Ltd
  • European Schoolnet
  • Columbia University (Transformative Learning Technologies Lab and FabLearn Program)
  • Ecsite

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