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KARIM Responsible Innovation Criteria

Uploaded by Gadbois Serge on 01 November 2015
Last modified on 07 September 2018

KARIM’s Introduction to Responsible Innovation Criteria is a manual for entrepreneurs and innovation-support organisations. It aims to provide both an introduction to the foundations of the emerging concept of responsible innovation and a practical guide for implementing such an approach within a project. Although mainly aimed at those supporting innovation, it can also be easily used by any small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) wishing to take the first steps in implementing a responsible innovation process and assimilating the main concepts surrounding the corresponding strategy.

The manual provides a snapshot of the new opportunities that responsible innovation can offer to businesses. It aims to help companies reconsider their business models, develop new products, services or technologies, or even improve their production processes.

National, Local, Regional
Responsiveness, Anticipation, Reflection, Adaptive Change
Development, Implementation, Monitorization & Evaluation

The manual begins by explaining the context of innovation, including responsibility in innovation and the opportunities for SMEs. It then provides a detailed explanation of the diagnostic tool and its analysis process, as well as an analytical grid developed by KARIM. The grid contains 24 criteria that represent the social, economic and environmental impacts potentially linked to an innovation project.

Users should keep in mind that this is a static manual and that it might be contextually biased.

Beginner, Practitioner

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