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Issues and Trends in Education for Sustainable Development

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Issues and Trends in Education for Sustainable Development. A. Leicht, J. Heiss and W. J. Byun (eds). Published in 2018 by UNESCO.

This UNESCO publication presents an overview of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) and highlights key issues, trends, and challenges related to ESD policy and practice. Topics include key ESD competencies and themes, policy, changes in the learning environment, teacher training, youth as lead actors, scaling-up action, and the monitoring of progress towards SDG Target 4.7. It is aimed at providing policy-makers, educators, and other stakeholders with state-of-the-art analyses of ESD and associated issues.

Table of contents

  • Introduction - Alexander Leicht, Julia Heiss, Won Jung Byun
  • Notes on contributors

Part I: Understanding ESD

  • Chapter 1.- From Agenda 21 to Target 4.7: the development of ESD - Alexander Leicht, Bernard Combes, Won Jung Byun, Adesuwa Vanessa Agbedahin 
  • Chapter 2.- Learning to transform the world: key competencies in ESD - Marco Rieckman 
  • Chapter 3.- Key themes in education for sustainable development - Marco Rieckma

Part II: Implementing ESD

  • Chapter 4.- Advancing policy to achieve quality education for sustainable development - Robert J. Didham and Paul Ofei-Manu
  • Chapter 5.- How are learning and training environments transforming with ESD? - Rob O’Donoghue, Jim Taylor and Vivo Venter
  • Chapter 6.- Building capacities of educators and trainers - Ahmad Qablan
  • Chapter 7.- Youth on the move: intentions and tensions - Priya Vallabh 
  • Chapter 8.- Accelerating sustainable solutions at the local level - Victor Tichaona Pesanayi and Chisala Lupele
  • Chapter 9.- Scaling ESD - Felix Spira and Sirkka Tshiningayamwe 
  • Chapter 10.- Monitoring ESD: lessons learned and ways forward - Ashley Stepanek Lockhart

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