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Introduction to “Science, society and citizens: suggestions (and hopes) on how to foster RRI in Horizon Europe” - Comment by Marzia Mazzonetto and Angela Simone

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Mazzonetto, M. and Simone, A. (2018). ‘Introduction to “Science, society and citizens: suggestions (and hopes) on how to foster RRI in Horizon Europe”’. JCOM 17 (03), C01.

Inclusive participation and deliberative democracy are essential to innovation. We suggest how and why Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) should stay and be strengthened through its mainstreaming within Horizon Europe, the future FP for European Research and Innovation (2021–2027).


At the beginning of May, 2018, the European Commission has presented its proposal for Horizon Europe, the framework programme which defines priorities and budget distribution for the future of European Research and Innovation (2021–2027). The announcement has raised concerns within the community of stakeholders engaged in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), a democratization process leading to connecting science to the values and interests of European citizens by mean of participatory processes. Through this flash commentary we aim at providing a wide range of arguments, as well as strong examples and concrete suggestions, to the importance of maintaining and strengthening RRI within Horizon Europe, with the hope to inspire amendments to the current proposal.

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