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International Innovation. Disseminating Science, Research, and Technology

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International Innovation. Disseminating Science, Research, and Technology, Research Media.

International Innovation disseminates research and provides the latest news on funding and policy issues in one easy-to-understand space. Coverage spans the breadth of scientific disciplines, with key focus on the interdisciplinary areas of healthcare, environment and technology. It also provide extensive analysis of research trends at regional level, with specialist reviews of projects emanating from North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Recent special editions have covered globally trending research topics such as the fight against malaria, and women in science; and a key feature of every edition is the ‘Research Roundtable’, which polls opinion leaders on major research and scientific topics of interest.

International Innovation is not a peer-reviewed journal; instead it offers a unique forum for communication and dissemination of research. Publicly-funded research should attempt to engage the widest possible audience in its process and outcomes; therefore new ways to communicate with and create a higher level of engagement with this audience should be sought.

International Innovation seeks to fill this gap – helping the research community to bring their research to life in new and exciting ways. Editorial, design and dissemination services are paid for, but the final publication is entirely free to access. Highlights of International Innovation include:

  • Extensive coverage of research projects worldwide
  • Exclusive content from leading research teams and policy institutes
  • In-depth interviews and insightful comment from leading figures across science and technology
  • Up-to-date information on the latest funding schemes.
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