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The INNO+ Catalogue is a knowledge base for prioritising future societal partnerships in innovation. The main aim of the programme was to provide politicians with the information they need to prioritise support for innovations that can create growth and solutions to societal challenges. In developing the catalogue, stakeholders proposed almost 500 focus areas, participated in meetings and workshops around the country and co-authored the contents of the proposed focus areas.

The selected 21 focus areas fell within six categories: 1) innovative transport, environment and urban development; 2) innovative food production and bioeconomy; 3) innovative health solutions; 4) innovative production; 5) innovative digital solutions; and 6) innovative energy solutions. Apart from guiding politicians, the catalogue acts as inspiration and guide to people working in research and innovation. In the process of describing the focus areas and possible solutions, different transdisciplinary collaborations were also suggested and encouraged.

Through workshops, stakeholders from over 100 institutions in different fields (such as, but not limited to, industry, business, education, research and NGOs) contributed to the catalogue’s development and collaborated with the ministry on prioritising areas of focus.
All stakeholders can access the online catalogue. Since the catalogue is mainly a guide for politicians, it is written so that most people can understand.
The catalogue aids reflection on how innovations can focus on societal challenges and create growth. During workshops, the possibilities and potential consequences, in different focus areas, were debated. The areas that seemed most promising were selected.
Consideration of different perspectives was built in through collaborations across fields and through the dialogue and discussions that took place during the workshops. Since the catalogue is only a guide, it does not necessarily adapt to external factors; however, the funded projects will certainly do so.
Development, Exploration, Implementation
The INNO+ Catalogue was developed and made available online. Now the politicians have decided to initiate 7 societal partnerships (out of the 21 in the INNO+ catalogue). These aim to solve great societal problems within the fields of e.g. climate, environment and health. Five societal partnerships have already started and two more are on the way. The two furthest developed partnerships are described at: and
This type of programme works to solve problems in relation to the seven grand challenges by including a wide range of stakeholders, each of whom takes on responsibility for solutions; though with this new way of working and with so many stakeholders involved, more time may provide improved results. The process and the resulting catalogue are transferable to other countries. It is however too early to draw any conclusion or lessons from this practice, but so far the results of the first societal partnerships are positive and promising.


From 26/09/2013 to present
Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Denmark
Jens Haisler 
Ministry of Higher Education and Science  
Copenhagen, Denmark 
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