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Hubs Manual for the Consultation Workshop

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 03 April 2017

The RRI Tools Project

The RRI Tools Consultation Workshop carried out in M9-M10 contributed to assessing the attitudes of stakeholders towards RRI and the extent to which they already perceive themselves as participating in the RRI process; helped to gather feedback on the project’s working definition of RRI; identified the main needs of the RRI Toolkit’s target users to increase their participation in the RRI process; contributed to a first collection of promising RRI practices. The Consultation Workshop has also helped to identify the needs and constraints of all stakeholders involved in the RRI process; to receive ideas of potential tools for the RRI Toolkit; to gain an overview of the differences across stakeholder groups and EU countries; and to engage and mobilise participants acting as a catalyst in building an RRI Community of Practice (CoP) across Europe. 

RRI Tools project partners developed a consultation methodology that was implemented across the 19 Hubs. This methodology details how the five stakeholder groups would be consulted as to their needs and constraints. 

RRI Tools provided the Hubs with a Consultation Manual (this document) to guide them through the organization, moderation and reporting of the workshops. Main sections are:

  • Recruitment
  • Dissemination plan
  • Staff competences, skills, and duties
  • Session guidelines
  • Evaluation
  • Reporting

The consultation took the form of heterogeneous workshops, bringing stakeholders together in order to take advantage of group dynamics and collective reflection, and still ensuring that the voice of each stakeholder group in each hub area is heard. The workshop was structured around 4 sessions (“Introduction to Workshop and RRI Tools”, “RRI Working definition”, “Compilation of Promising Practices”, “Stakeholder Consultation on needs and constraints”) with 8 exercises with 8 hours of work. 



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