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How-to guide | Engaged Research online workshops - Facilitating engaged research and innovation through digital platforms

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 27 April 2021

Edited by Campus Engage / Author: Michael Foley (Trinity College Dublin) with contributions from the Engaged Research Working Group

The 2020 global pandemic began a period of rapid change. People have, out of necessity, been required to learn how to use digital platforms in order to interact with both their work colleagues and social groups. For numerous employees, daily video calls or remote meetings on platforms such as Zoom, Teams, VidYo or Webex have become the norm. This has transformed our ways of engaging which may, in time, have longer lasting implications for the events and activities we run in the future.

Many researchers have continued to work with civil and public servants, civic society organisations, businesses, frontline practitioners and policymakers to address societal challenges. They have been attending or organising webinars during the pandemic and have been learning how to promote, organise, schedule and run these events using digital platforms. This guide aims to capture some of that learning for those who are facilitating engaged research workshops.

The guide explores:

• The advantages and disadvantages of using digital platforms for Engaged Research workshops
• Some key issues for consideration in running an online Engaged Research workshop
• Some practical pointers for before, during and after your online Engaged Research workshop.







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