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How can Solution Focused Risk Assessment help govern Emerging Technologies?

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 05 January 2018

How can Solution Focused Risk Assessment help govern Emerging Technologies?. 2018. Written by Andrew Maynard and Adam Finkel. Produced by Risk Bites videos

Solution-focused risk assessment, or SFRA, is a novel way of thinking about and managing risks developed by Adam Finkel. It involves analyzing the good and bad consequences of what we can do to address an issue, rather than only worrying about the harms of what we are doing.  


Adam Finkel (2011). "“Solution-Focused Risk Assessment”: A Proposal for the Fusion of Environmental Analysis and Action." Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal 17(4): 754-787.

Adam Finkel (2015) "Two Complementary 'Solution-Focused' Approaches to Maximizing Net Societal Benefit from Synthetic Biology" At the Harvard Law School workshop “Synthetic Biology: Science, Policy, and Ethics”

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation program on Synthetic Biology: 


This work was funded through a generous grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to explore the use of solution focused risk assessment in addressing emerging applications of synthetic biology. It was conceived by Adam Finkel, and developed in collaboration between Adam and Andrew Maynard (also an investigator on the project).


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