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Handbook of Policy Recommendations: Implementing RRI in a Regional Context

Uploaded by Nicholas Martin on 25 October 2023

Henning Kroll/Fraunhofer ISI

Nicholas Martin/Fraunhofer ISI

Nils Heyen/Fraunhofer ISI


This document is a Handbook of Policy Recommendations, focused on strengthening and implementing RRI in a regional context. The Recommedations were drawn from the experience, results and analytical conclusions of the TetRRIS project (, funded by the European Commission under its H2020 program. It is designed for policy makers and practitioners who may wish to undertake initiatives to strengthen RRI in their regions. To this end, after briefly summarising the pilot actions conducted in different regions in the course of the TetRRIS project, it presents an analysis of the drivers and opportunities, and barriers and obstacles, to the recognition and uptake of RRI, before deriving policy recommendations on this basis. The aim of this Handbook is generalisation and transferability to other regions. For this reason, the text largely dispenses with detailed, pilot-specific analysis. For this, see the previous deliverables of the TetRRIS project. Instead, it offers generalised and therefore somewhat more abstractely framed, analyses and recommendations.
Diversity, Inclusion, Responsiveness, Openness, Anticipation, Reflection, Adaptive Change
Exploration, Implementation
Beginner, Practitioner

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