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Handbook of Citizen Science in Ecology and Conservation

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Handbook of Citizen Science in Ecology and Conservation. By Christopher A. Lepczyk (Editor), Owen D. Boyle (Editor), Timothy L. V. Vargo (Editor), Reed F. Noss (Foreword). April 2020.

A practical and comprehensive manual for creating, implementing, or improving natural science research and monitoring projects that involve collaboration between scientists and the general public. As citizen science projects become increasingly common, project leaders are seeking information on concrete best practices for planning and implementing projects—practices that allow them to guide and gauge success while also ensuring the collection of high-quality data and rewarding experiences for volunteers.

In this handbook, citizen science practitioners from around the world and with decades of experience provide step-by-step instructions, insights, and advice, and they explore real-world applications through case studies from a variety of citizen science projects. This is a  reference guide for anyone interested in starting or improving a citizen science project with ecological or conservation applications, from professors and graduate students to agency staff and nongovernmental organizations.

The handbook is structured in three main sections:

  1. The first provides an introduction to citizen science and a history of its emergence. This history is valuable in framing the larger view of the handbook and provides the context in which citizen science has grown and become useful.
  2. The second section is the heart of the book and focuses on the specifics of citizen science, from project conception to completion.
  3. The final section focuses on realworld examples of citizen science projects at scales from local to continental, in different ecosystems and locations, and on a variety of topics. The goal of this final section is to illustrate existing citizen science projects in conservation, ecology, and natural resource management that can serve as role models for other projects.

You can read an excerpt of the handbook here


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