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Handbook of Research Ethics & Scientific Integrity

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Handbook of Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity. Editor: Ron Iphofen. Springer 2020.

This handbook is a ‘one-stop shop’ for current information, issues and challenges in the fields of research ethics and scientific integrity. It provides a comprehensive coverage of research and integrity issues, both within researchers’ ‘home’ discipline and in relation to similar concerns in other disciplines.

The handbook covers common elements shared by disciplines and research professions, such as consent, privacy, data management, fraud, and plagiarism. The handbook also includes contributions and perspectives from academics from various disciplines, treating issues specific to their fields.

Readers are able to quickly source the most comprehensive and up-to-date information, protagonists, issues and challenges in the field. Experienced researchers keen to assess their own perspectives, as well as novice researchers aiming to establish the field, will equally find the handbook of interest and practical benefit. It saves them a great deal of time in sourcing the disparate available material in these fields and it is the first ‘port of call’ for a wide range of researchers, research advisors, funding agencies and research reviewers.

The most important feature is the handbook’s ability to provide practical advice and guidance to researchers in a wide range of disciplines and professions to help them ‘think through’ their approach to difficult questions related to the principles, values and standards they need to bring to their research practice.

Table of contents (articles in alphabetical order)

  • A Best Practice Approach to Anonymization | Elaine Mackey
  • A Professional Ethics for Researchers? | Nathan Emmerich
  • Acting Ethically and with Integrity for Research Subjects and Participants | Ron Iphofen
  • An Introduction to Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity | Ron Iphofen
  • Benefit Sharing | Doris Schroeder
  • Big Data | Anja Bechmann, Jiyoung Ydun Kim
  • Biosecurity Risk Management in Research | Johannes Rath, Monique Ischi
  • Business Ethics Research and Research Ethics in Business Research | Deborah C. Poff
  • Constructive and Enabling Ethics in Criminological Research | Vasileios Karagiannopoulos, Jane Winstone
  • Consuming Images, Ethics, and Integrity in Visual Social Research | Helen Lomax
  • Creative Methods | Dawn Mannay
  • Deception | David Calvey
  • Disability Research Ethics | Anne Good
  • Dual Use in Modern Research | Panagiotis Kavouras, Costas A. Charitidis
  • Engineering Research and Ethics | Michael Davis
  • Ethical Considerations in Psychology Research | John Oates
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Education Research | Ros Brown
  • Ethical Issues in Community-Based, Participatory, and Action-Oriented Forms of Research | Adrian Guta, Jijian Voronka
  • Ethical Issues in Data Sharing and Archiving | Louise Corti, Libby Bishop
  • Ethical Issues in Research Methods | Ron Iphofen
  • Ethical Research with Hard-to-Reach Groups | John Sims
  • Ethics and Integrity for Research in Disasters and Crises | Dónal P. O’Mathúna
  • Ethics and Integrity in Nursing Research | Edie West
  • Ethics and Integrity in Research: Disciplines and Professions | Ron Iphofen
  • Ethics and Scientific Integrity in Biomedical Research | Léo Coutellec
  • Ethics and the Practice of History | Catherine J. Denial
  • Ethics in Political Science Research | Daniela R. Piccio, Alice Mattoni
  • Ethics Inside and Outside the Physics Lab | Marshall Thomsen
  • Ethics of Discourse Analysis | Meta Gorup
  • Ethics of Ethnography | Martyn Hammersley
  • Ethics of Observational Research | Meta Gorup
  • Experimental Design | Jonathan Lewis
  • Feminist Research Ethics | Anna Karin Kingston
  • Holocaust as an Inflection Point in the Development of Bioethics and Research Ethics | Stacy Gallin, Ira Bedzow
  • Informed Consent and Ethical Research | Margit Sutrop, Kristi Lõuk
  • Internet Research Ethics and Social Media | Charles Melvin Ess
  • Key Topics in Research Ethics | Ron Iphofen
  • Linguistics: Community-based Language Revitalization | Nariyo Kono
  • Older Citizens’ Involvement in Aging Research | Roger O’Sullivan
  • On Epistemic Integrity in Social Research | Martyn Hammersley
  • Organizing and Contesting Research Ethics | Mark Israel
  • Peer Review in Scholarly Journal Publishing | Jason Roberts, Kristen Overstreet, Rachel Hendrick, Jennifer Mahar
  • Privacy in Research Ethics | Kevin Macnish
  • Protecting Participants in Clinical Trials Through Research Ethics Review | Richard Carpentier, Barbara McGillivray
  • Publication Ethics | Deborah C. Poff, David S. Ginley
  • Queer Literacy | Mark Edward, Chris Greenough
  • Quest for Ethical and Socially Responsible Nanoscience and Nanotechnology | Costas A. Charitidis
  • Regulating Research | Ron Iphofen
  • Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity in Neuroscience | Jon Leefmann, Michael Jungert
  • Research Ethics Codes and Guidelines | Margit Sutrop, Mari-Liisa Parder, Marten Juurik
  • Research Ethics Governance | Mihalis Kritikos
  • Research Ethics in Data | Caroline Gans Combe
  • Research Ethics in Economics and Finance | Caroline Gans Combe
  • Research Ethics in Investigative Journalism | Yvonne T. Chua
  • Research Ethics in Sport and Exercise Science | Julia West
  • Research Ethics, Children, and Young People | John Oates
  • Research Involving the Armed Forces | Simon E. Kolstoe, Louise Holden
  • Research Misconduct | Ian Freckelton Q. C.
  • Researcher Emotional Safety as Ethics in Practice | Martin Tolich, Emma Tumilty, Louisa Choe, Bryndl Hohmann-Marriott, Nikki Fahey
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) | Philip R. DeShong
  • Sociology and Ethics | Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott
  • The Ethics of Anthropology | Marc Brightman, Vanessa Grotti
  • The Ethics of Research and Indigenous Peoples | Lily George
  • “Vulnerability” as a Concept Captive in Its Own Prison | Will C. van den Hoonaard








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