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GREAT Analytical Grid Report to EC

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 November 2015

Gianni, R., and Goujon, P. (2013), GREAT Analytical Grid Report to EC, GREAT-321480.
The present deliverable has the aim of providing the criteria or, better to say, the parameters necessary for processing applied approaches. To accomplish such a task we will start by outlining what the problems are with regard to RRI, gaining knowledge from the previous “Theoretical Landscape”, and from our partners understanding. From there we will try to shortly, but critically, assess the current Responsible Innovation approaches. We will accomplish this task first by considering RRI through its two sides, responsibility and innovation, and after the current understandings of RRI itself. This should put in evidence that the main shortcomings of RRI are represented by a reductive way in which norms are conceived and constructed with regard to the context. Therefore, we will have to depict how this particular matter is handled and how it could be differently managed. Consequently, we will need to analyse the decision making process in its actual frame so to show gaps and limits. From this stance we will then be able to offer parameters through an analytical grid that will help the investigation in detecting similar shortcomings and limitations in most of the EU research projects.

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