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Gender and innovation: state of the art and a research agenda

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Alsos, G.A., Ljunggren, E., and Hytti, U.  (2013) Gender and innovation: state of the art and a research agenda, International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship, 5(3), 236-256.
This article presents a framework for research on gender and innovation based on a review of the current literature in the area. The framework consist of various approaches to gender and innovation; these include gender as a variable, construction and process and innovation as a result, process and discourse. Several recommendations for future research are made. First, future research should question the connection between technology and innovation and purposefully seek innovation activity also in low-tech and service sectors and firms. Second, understanding women's innovation activity needs to be embedded in understanding the normative frames and structural factors at play. Third, it is imperative to develop and apply new methodological approaches and new operationalizations of innovation and innovators.
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