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Gender in Design Toolkit | by Stanford University

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 29 May 2018
Last modified on 29 May 2018



Explore Gender, Design and Inclusivity 

  • When thinking about gender and design, is your first impulse to “pink it and shrink it?”
  • How are you navigating your assumptions, perceptions and biases to ensure you’re not designing to stereotypes?
  • What markets/business opportunities have been missed by failing to understand gender factors influencing a project?
  • What would your project look like if you “reversed the stereotype?”

Gender Inclusive Design adds value:

  • to society by making research more responsive to social needs
  • to business by developing new ideas, patents, and technology
  • to design by introducing new concepts, tools and processes
  • to research by ensuring excellence and enhancing sustainability



The Gender in Design Toolkit is structured into three main categories. 

  • THINKING ABOUT SEX. Sex is about biological characteristics such as height, weight, physiology. Sex includes: Male, female and intersex.
  • THINKING ABOUT GENDERGender refers to cultural attitudes and behaviors that shape men and women’s behaviors, products, technologies, environments and knowledge. Gender may include men, women, LGBTQA and gender-fluid persons.
  • THINKING ABOUT INTERSECTIONALITYIntersectionality describes overlapping or intersecting social categories such as ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and geographic location.

Each category includes the following sections:

  1. Points to Keep in Mind
  2. Examples (case studies)
  3. Design Methods
  4. Potential Pitfalls

The Gender in Design web also includes a section with many useful resources, structured into the following sections:

Items to Check Out

Case Studies

  • Gaming
  • Banking
  • Recruiting
  • Wearables
  • Big Data
  • Automobile Safety
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Media
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Search Algorithms
  • Biometrics
  • Toys

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