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Ibercivis aims to promote public engagement in science by supporting citizen science experiments and funding a wide range of projects, mainly at scientific, economic, educational and policy levels. Ibercivis activities include research support (software development, middleware adaptation or hardware hosting), scientific communication and engagement plans (dissemination, outreach and inreach), and participatory experiment management (design and production, competitive funding calls, public spaces, or education programmes).

Ibercivis has carried out more than 40 participatory experiments, involving over 50.000 volunteers, in a wide range of knowledge areas (fundamental physics, biotechnology, digital social sciences, humanities, and so on). In addition to publications and doctoral theses, participatory policy agendas linked with citizen science have been produced.

Public, private and government stakeholders were involved in the organisation’s strategy development. External advisors and open consultations with civil associations help to ensure that perspectives of different groups are taken into account.
Information (goals, procedures, expectations, progress, research data) are available to all stakeholders through multiple outlets: public repositories for software and tools, audiovisuals for alternative methods of reporting procedures, and open licences for outcomes. Multimedia content is translated and software code is documented so it can be easily reused.
Flexible management and collective decision-making processes help Ibercivis anticipate possible consequences. Public fora such as the Future Innovators Summit promote reflection that helps refine ideas and plans. Ibercivis challenges itself every day and tries to push things forward in new, unexpected ways.
Ibercivis promotes inclusive activities that bring together unexpected participants acting as facilitator for outsiders to ensure a transdisciplinary approach. They emphasise consideration of new concerns and ideas and try to include recommendations into their own workflow.
Development, Exploration, Implementation, Monitorization & Evaluation
Citizen science has resulted in scientific production, learning and community-based solutions. Ibercivis successfully promotes engaged publics, responsible actors and institutions, and ethical and socially desirable R&I to find solutions to societal challenges.
With its focus on public engagement and other RRI standards, citizen science has gained international popularity and political support.
University of Zaragoza, Institute for Biocomputation and Complex Systems Physics (BIFI-UNIZAR)
Fermín Serrano
Zaragoza, Spain
[email protected]
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