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Fostering Responsible Conduct of Research (Workshop & Train-the-trainer)

Uploaded by Dieter De Bruyn on 21 June 2016
Last modified on 18 July 2016

Nele Bracke, Dieter De Bruyn, Katrien De Gelder, Stefanie Van der Burght - Ghent University (Belgium)

One of Ghent University’s strategies to further foster the responsible conduct of research is the organization of generic training for all those involved in research (PhD students, postdocs, professors, administrative and technical staff, etc.) In 2014, four research coordination officers were trained by an external partner experienced in helping organizations to develop internal trainings (‘train-the-trainer’).

This project resulted in ‘Fostering Responsible Conduct of Research’, a one-day interactive workshop addressing researchers from all disciplines and in all stages of their research careers. The main target group until now have been Ghent U doctoral students, but the trainers are willing to facilitate the workshop for other groups and other organizations.

What characterizes the workshop is that it (1) is fully aligned with Ghent University’s overall research policy and regulations; (2) encompasses the full scope of research integrity; (3) focuses on common examples and best practices rather than on exceptional cases of serious misconduct. At the end of the training the participants are expected to be more proficient in recognizing research integrity issues, more confident in responding to them, and fully ready to become research integrity champions (R.I.Ch.) within their research environment.

In addition to the workshop, Ghent U is committed to help other organizations to develop similar training modules using a train-the-trainer approach. During such a train-the trainer, Ghent U trainers will (1) share their experiences with developing the workshop on research integrity, (2) let the participants actively explore a number of exercises that are part of the workshop, and (3) allow a selection of participants to shadow them while actually running the workshop for a group of doctoral students. The Ghent U trainers are also open to develop customized versions of the train-the-trainer.

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