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FESTA Handbook - Gender issues in Recruitment, Appointment and Promotion Processes – Recommendations for a Gender Sensitive Application of Excellence Criteria

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 22 March 2016

FESTA Consortium

The FESTA Consortium’s guidelines aim to ensure fair processes with equal opportunities for female and male researchers by supporting practitioners involved in hiring processes and stakeholders who can influence regulations as well as by creating awareness of the biases that can influence appointment processes and criteria.

Flow charts illustrate the appointment systems used by five FESTA institutions, with criterial and procedural gender biases marked. Finally, specific guidelines are offered to reduce or eliminate these biases and lead to gender equality.


The guidelines provided by the FESTA Consortium are clear and written in plain language. The ‘Summary of findings’, located at the beginning of the report, allows practitioners and stakeholders to get a first sense of what they will find throughout the report. A clear and well-organised set of guidelines to gender-sensitive recruitment and appointment processes can be found at the end of the report.

Organisational requirements and time frames depend on context and participant numbers.

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